These Boots Are Made for Walking

Teenagers! Ugh! In every mother’s life you come to a time where you and your daughter are wearing the same sizes. This can actually be kinda cool or quite tragic. It could either mean that you have the figure of a teenager or on the tragic side it could mean that your daughter has the body of a middle aged mom. Ha! Neither is the case here. I do not have the body of a slim trim teeny bopper and she does not have the voluptuous figure of a middle aged mom. However, there is one place where our sizes are synced up…our feet! One other area where my child can infringe on my right to have something and just snatch it away. You know like everything else these little crumb snatchers take over. They take our food, our space, our t.v. time. She even has the nerve to want space in the garage for her little car. Seriously…is nothing sacred? Is nothing mine? All you mothers out there know the answer to this question…nope!

Well this morning was no different! This crazy child and her traumatic eye injury almost messed up my entire day. Almost ruined my life! Ok well the traumatic eye injury is more like dramatic eye situation. She has a sty in her eye that is causing her soooo much pain, and, of course, she’s practically blind from it. Also, she didn’t almost ruin my life or day, just caused a goofy 5 minute delay in my leaving the house for work. If you think I have a flair for the dramatic, you should see the little lady at work. Anyways, she just happens to wear both pairs of my cute, black, work boots to school today. Yep, if you’re reading this carefully you should be wondering, “how did she wear both pairs of boots to school”? Well, I will tell you. As she was getting dressed, using her one good eye, she puts on one from each pair of boots. So I guess she did not technically wear both pairs, more like 1/2 of both pairs. Anyways her little faux pas left me with limited options of presentable/comfortable footwear to wear to work. My options included, sexy black boot 2 inch heel, sexy black boot 3 inch heel, semi sexy mom black boot 1.5 inch heel, black uggz. Well being that I am over the age of 20 (just a smidge) and I’m the overseer of a class of 21 crazy kids (15 of them are boys), you tell me which option I chose.

Moral of the story: In spite of all the silly, dramatic, annoying, crumb snatching, boot stealing, space infringing things my child does, I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I think about Morgan’s friend who no longer has a mom to borrow boots from or eat her last piece of cake, or climb in her bed at night and hog all the covers from. She no longer has a mom.

7 thoughts on “These Boots Are Made for Walking”

  1. As I was reading your slice, I was smiling, picturing your morning. Loved the description of your daughter’s eye and your choice of boots. But when I came to the end, I was stunned – so sad for Morgan. Little annoying things in our lives, do not seem so annoying.

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  2. Savena! I’m in love with this Slice so much! First of all, your voice is superb here – the humor, the wit. (I laughed out loud at the first mention of ‘little crumb snatchers.) The voice is just so strong in this piece.

    But then, that ending… I wasn’t expecting the tone of the piece to turn like that. It really sobered me up and left me thinking about my own girls and you as a mom and death and love and everything.

    I don’t know if I’ve ever read something that switched gears so effectively like that. So well- written, Savena!

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