International Women’s Day

Today is International Women’s Day. Not sure how one celebrates it. I saw mention of it on the news this morning but didn’t even think of sharing that piece of information with my class. However, by the end of the day, a few students mentioned that it was “Lady’s Day”. Some kids would ask, “well what about men’s day?”others said, “hey, I thought you get a whole month”. Then I thought, dang it, I missed a moment to glean special treatment and courtesies from my students today.

I must say, my students have found ways to honor me in the last week or so. One student, bought me a bag of chocolate covered macadamia nuts from Hawaii. The first time he got them for me was a souvenir from their family trip to Hawaii a couple months ago. He must’ve told his mom how much I liked the chocolates, because this dear sweet child came in on Tuesday with a new bag of those same delectable goodies. Beyond declaring him the #1 student in all of 5th grade, I think I will sponsor him to receive an honorary degree from Harvard University (so dramatic).

Another student of mine has taken on the role of my own personal teacher advocate. I have a few overzealous students who may get a bit out of hand with their “overzealosity” at times. It takes a toll on my more focused students who get annoyed at the behavior. Well in those moments where my few friends are off their rockers, this student will stand up and give, walk over to them, and give them a piece of his mind. The cool thing about this is that he’s not one of the “cool kids” necessarily, but when he speaks up like this, the whole class (minus my two yahoos) stands behind him. This quiet, sensitive, book wormy kid is this teachers hero/advocate. So for this young darling…I will follow him to high school and college and tell all the hot chicks who will probably ignore him that he’s the biggest jerk in town. That oughtta get him lots of attention from the ladies! You all know we don’t start appreciating the good guys until way past college.

Then I have students who can’t wait to share little anecdotes from their day or joke around with me in their own way. Other students may laugh with me as I attempt a a snazzy dance move or sing the lyrics to a song they think I wouldn’t know. Now this is not just from the last week, but the general vibe of our classroom.

So I guess I don’t need a special tribute on International Women’s Day to feel honored. It is truly an honor to work with some truly special, quirky, energetic, generous, caring, fun loving children. I really do mean this…it’s not just the wine talking…two glassess!

Good night fellow slicers!

4 thoughts on “International Women’s Day”

  1. Cheers! Thanks for illuminating the little things in life 🙂 By writing them down, you have acknowledged the subtle (or not so subtle) gestures. As teachers, we forget how lucky we are amidst the mundane and chaos of everyday life. Cheers again, and good luck with the rest of this month’s slices!

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