Sometimes you just don’t know how to classify things. When I say things I mean friendships. When you’re a people loving extrovert, it takes years to realize that friendships are set in hierarchies. Those rankings can be based on when you met them, grade school, high school, college, work, through spouse. They can also be ranked and/or based by some shared experience, wives, moms, survivors. I guess I’m just wondering, of all these groups what makes a friendship authentic and real. Some people say that you only have maybe 2-3 real friends. If I had to think about who my 3 friends are I could name them easily, on the spot. But outside of these 3 friends, I have quite a few others who I truly care for and I think they care for me. We have common interests and good conversations, and shared experiences. These are people I truly enjoy being around. But in the era of text messages and silent parties and social media, how does this generation coming up make friendships. I guarantee that if  you to go into any room filled with teenagers, you’ll find a group of kids not engaging with each other. They’re all on phones looking at Snapchat or Instagram or some other app that requires them to have their eyes glued on their phones. How do they make those connections that allows them to develop friendships and nurture them over a matter of time. I don’t know, just my random thoughts or rather questions on friendships and what that looks like for this tech reliant generation. I guess time will tell on what personal connections and friendships will look like for the future of this generation of youth.


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  1. I completely agree!! What we were used to growing up is not what our parents were used to and definitely not our grandparents. My mom always makes comments about how much I’m on my phone and I might check a single message or email when I’m with her. She won’t even leave a voice message or call anyone’s cell unless it is their only number because she things a cell phone is for personal use.


  2. I am constantly thinking about this too. How will our kids learn to play or talk with each other if they’re always on a phone? Mom solidarity…No phones until 8th grade? High school?


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