I’m super excited. We just set our clocks forward which means no more going to work and coming home in the dark. Hopefully there will be no more snowy weather. Living in Illinois you don’t even seriously believe that the snowy season is completely over until May. So I will continue to hope for warmer days ahead and maybe my positive thinking will keep the snow away.

Springtime is my favorite time of the year.  Every Easter we would each get an Easter basket full of toys, candy, a coloring book, and a kite. We didn’t really do the Easter bunny, we knew the baskets came from my parents there was no big secret there, but it was fun to get them anyway. My younger brother and I, we would go to the field across the street from our house and fly our kites. I would have some cutesy girly kite and my brother would have a super hero or transformer themed kite. It was such a fun time watching our kites slowly ascend high into the heavens. Once your kite catches a good breeze you’re good as gold. At a certain point you’re not even running with it, more like maneuvering it to maintain it’s height. Just be sure that as you’re flying you don’t grab that string the wrong way because that string burn was the worst!

I could go deep with this and say that flying a kite is symbolic of life and climbing up the ranks to achieve success and what it takes to maintain that success, blah blah blah! I was about to go there and get real fancy with metaphors and symbolism and other fancy schmancy English Lit major kinds of stuff. But the purist in me saves the glitz and glamour for the term papers of spring semesters past. What I really want to say is I miss the springtimes where we had Easter baskets with candy and coloring books and toys. I miss flying kites in the field across the street from the house. Most importantly I miss my little brother.

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  1. Oh. That last line. (hard swallow)

    I, too, miss the pure unadulterated fun of waking up and searching for eggs and my basket!


  2. Great slice, Savena! Last year my grandkids flew kites for the first time. I forgot how much I loved kites. I can’t wait to do it again this year.


  3. Hello from a fellow 5th grade teacher and first-timer slicer! I loved reading this Slice of memories. It got me thinking of all the holidays my brother, sister, and I played together. And all of the traditions associated with those days. Nicely written!

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