The Mondays

Okay so the only thing worse than having a case of the sleepy, I took Benadryl last night AND it’s daylight savings time sleepy, draggy, Mondays, is having a class of students who are sooooo not having a case of the Mondays. I was so sleepy, tired, middle age draggy and they were so hyper, loud, pre-adolescence, revved up for no good darn reason! I liken my day to the scene from the Gremlins. You know, the scene where they were at the movie theater, swinging on film reels and throwing popcorn all around. These weren’t the cute cuddly Mogwai, Gizmo type of Gremlins. No ma’am! I had the real deal, full tummy after midnight Gremlins. I had Stripe and all of his cousins, and they came to visit my classroom today. Their visit started at 8:05 a. m. and ended at 2:55 p.m. They came in at a level 10.5 and all I had was a puny level 2.3 at best (and that was after 2 cups of coffee). So what does a teacher do when she’s outnumbered, and overpowered by a group of rambunctious, over sugared, and surprisingly well rested 5th graders? Well, you stay the course of course! You proceed with your day as intended, never show weakness, don’t give in to fatigue. If you show any sign of distress, or weariness, you’re dead in the water! So being the top notch teacher I am, I faked it till I made it. Now in my mind I know this day kicked the ever loving crap out of me. I am tired, I am tired, I. Am. Tired. In my mind I was thinking, “Oh lawd this class has run amuck and I haven’t a mustard seed of energy to reign them in”.

By the time the bell rang, I was stick a fork in me D-O-N-E. But as I looked around my classroom, all was in order. Desktops were cleared off, chairs were pushed in, and desks were neatly aligned in their rows (courtesy of my desk straightener for the week). There was no sign of the tomfoolery and shenanigans that occurred throughout the day. I had survived the second coming of the Gremlins. They had me beat…but that’s just between you and me. No need to let Stripe and the cousins know that 😉

6 thoughts on “The Mondays”

  1. Yep. After two snow days and a weekend. Writing in third grade at 2 pm was rough yesterday. I thought all the way home about the woulds coulds shoulds. Sadly today will be another snow day, so we’ll have to start again soon


  2. I love the Gremlins reference! This slice made me smile. I was picturing them hanging from the chandeliers, or overhead projectors.


  3. I also loved the Gremlins reference! Those days are rough but when they are over and you have survived it- and they have survived and no one’s the wiser- that’s the best.. Hope the rest of your week goes better

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