My goodness time! It’s either going to slow or going way too fast. When I’m laying down trying to fall asleep and finally accomplish my goal, only to hear that alarm clock  wailing in my ear. Way too fast. However, those lovely PD days, when you are in the rare position of sitting and listening, and listening, and listening to various speakers giving you tips and anecdotes on how to do your job more effectively. I’m sorry, the most engaging speaker…still…too slow. When you’re looking at your curriculum pacing calendar and trying to fit in x amount of lessons so that you can assess before spring break, because you know if you assess afterwards your class will not do as well…too fast. I just spent some time this evening with a close friend who was recently hospitalized. Very strange freak accident where she almost died from sepsis, had a wound that had gotten infected and it quickly became life threatening. Too fast. It’s funny how we all have our time lines on how quickly or slowly we feel things should be completed. When we should accomplish this goal, how long it should take for students to learn this skill, what age we should be when we make that major career accomplishment. My dad used to always sing this song, “May not come when you want Him, but He’ll be there right on time, He’s an on time God, yes he is”. Guess what Slicers…I’m getting my slice done just in time to make the 11:59 EST cut off! Woohoo!!!! 🙂 Just in time.

7 thoughts on “Time”

      1. I think I may be hitting it now — would have preferred sooner but will take what I can get. I used to blog more regularly but got out of the habit. I don’t expect that to happen without effort and patience on my part.


  1. Seems when I have longer time to slice, my slices take longer. They are coming fairly easily this year but seem to have developed a unexpected theme. Here you are nearly 1/2 way there. Good writing, my friend.


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