Sometimes you have to just try something in order to be in the game. You can’t just give up, throw the towel in. Everyday can’t be a winner, but it was a day nonetheless. Today for me wasn’t a winner day…but it most certainly wasn’t a loser day either. It was just the type of day where you wake up exhausted, shake off the fatigue and keep it moving. My good friend, who just moved out of town, came home for a visit. Her mom is in the hospital, just had a mastectomy earlier today, and is now in recovery. She put out a text on our friend group chat that she was looking to meet up for drinks. Most of my friends aren’t able to do too many impromptu outings with kids in various activities and hectic work schedules. But I was free, exhausted, but free. So I met up with her for a “my mom’s post op and my husband’s job moved me to east of nowhere and I need friend time right now drink”. So I’m finally home and got in the bed and realized, oh crap! I forgot to blog. I contemplated just going to sleep and double blogging tomorrow. But then I though…nope…not gonna do it! I signed up for a Blog A Day Challenge and dang gummit I’m gonna do it. So needless to say, it’s not one of my most profound writings. My eyes are crossed as I type and doze simultaneously…

So today wasn’t a winner blog post…but it ain’t a loser either. It’s just the type of blog where I got up out of my warm bed into the cold, walked downstairs to get my laptop, brought it back upstairs back to my bed, so I could complete my post. Mission accomplished…good night.

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  1. The stream-of-consciousness in your post appeals to me. It really allows us to live in your mind and experience your exhaustion and determination to post.


  2. I think it is a more profound post than you give it credit for. You illustrated the beauty and power of simply showing up. It’s not always easy, but it is always important. Thanks for getting out of bed and reminding us all of that.

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  3. We all need friend like you. I loved the “Aha!” feeling I got from reading your post. I projected onto your title, “Done and Done” and expected to read a different kind of post, so it was a fun surprise.

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  4. I actually love this post, Savena. I love how that you could have thrown in the towel, but “dang gummit” you didn’t.

    Your voice is always so strong in your writing. Today I found it in this line: “So today wasn’t a winner blog post…but it ain’t a loser either. ” I can’t really pinpoint it – maybe it’s your word choice with “ain’t” but it makes it sound like somebody wrote this piece… it’s got charm and grit and humor.

    I really enjoy your writing. 🙂


  5. I love this post and have been there myself! It’s hard to set aside time to write on the busy days but even when it’s hard, you can create a great post just like this.

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