Saturday Shenanigans

Just sitting here watching my friends. Having an impromptu St. Patrick’s Day get together. We have snacks and wine, lots of wine. Anyways, this is a special St. Patrick’s Day. My close friend recently found out that she has Irish lineage. We always knew she was biracial even though she was raised by her dad and mostly her paternal grandmother, aunt and uncle. She never knew her birth mom but reconnected with her about a year or so ago. Her dad is black and her mom is white. She’d been looking for her mom on and off for years. She finally found her mom and was able to talk to her on the phone and get answers to all the questions that have haunted her over the years. Bottom line, mom got pregnant at a young age. As if being a pregnant teenager wasn’t enough, she was pregnant by a black man. That was a no no for this family at that time. Any who, my friend caught up with her mom and had those conversations and even found out medical history and family lineage. Her mom has since married and had a boy and a girl with her husband. They are probably in their 20’s/30’s at this point and time. The sad thing is that this woman never told her husband that 42 years ago she had a baby and gave her up to the father and his family. The mom was actually scared that her daughter (my friend) would disrupt her life and wanted to be sure that this first born child of hers did not resurface to cause confusion in the life she has created. I’m sure my friend was sad at being rejected, yet again by her birth mother. At the same time there was a since of…maybe closure, at knowing her story and how she came to be in the world. So fast forward to March 2018. We are celebrating my friends first year as an Irish woman. So we are here together, with drinks, snacks, and girlfriend conversation. My girlfriend is here, with her Irish princess crown, and St. Paddy’s day t-shirt, and matching socks. We are celebrating my friend today and the side that don’t know how to celebrate her. As I’ve said before, every parent want’s their child to be successful. This poor mom is missing out. My friend is pretty wonderful!

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