Monday Eve

It’s Sunday night and all is well with the world. We are coming up on the final week before spring break. 5 more days and then a much needed, guilt free break from work. Earlier today I was reading the Facebook post of a young man whose welcome back to school video went viral last year. He’s a first year teacher, teaching 5th grade on the West Side of Chicago. He made the cutest rap video introducing himself to his class and welcoming them to school. He may have been a student teacher when he created that video. Anyway, I follow him on FB and enjoy his energy and passion for working with children. Well today’s post from him was about how he found himself in the middle of a mental health crisis and was getting burnt out from his job. Pouring so much into his job and his students, he didn’t realize he wasn’t pouring into himself. He took a temporary break from his job last month but is scheduled to return tomorrow. Anyone reading this post know exactly how difficult it is to be a teacher. The amount of energy we put into others and their well being and needs is grossly underrated with quips of how we get summers off. You also know that it is tough to match the energy and zeal of being a first year teacher. Just think about that…if first year teachers in all their glory are getting burnt out, how in the world do us veteran teachers muster up the energy to do this year in and year out. We have to keep a balanced life for one thing. Teaching is a wonderful job, but you have to have a life too. It is okay to step away from the grade book, the plan book, the whatever academic reading…step away. So to Mr. Reed and my fellow Slicers who have endured great stress in the quest to being that top notch teacher, Happy Monday Eve, t minus 5 days till spring break!

5 thoughts on “Monday Eve”

  1. Agreed, Savena. I love teaching, but I will definitely be doing the happy dance at 2:55 on Friday. A week of rest and recharging and I’ll be ready to come back for another round.


  2. Your slice gave me pause. I work with many teachers new to the profession, and my heart breaks when they struggle. Reading your post makes me ask what more I can do to support them.

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