Easy Breezy Free Time

The countdown continues! I am counting down the days to my birthday and spring break. My birthday is Thursday and spring break starts on Friday at approximately 2:56 pm (dismissal is 2:55) I’m giving my students 1 minute to vacate the premises before I do my spring break is here happy dance. So one would think with these two special days coming up I would be excited about the fun times coming ahead for me, rights. Nope. You are sooo funny if you were actually thinking that. Let me remind you of a few things, I’m a 5th grade teacher and a single mom of a teenage girl. Ahhhhh….now some of you are thinking, oh right, we don’t get fun time like that. Duty free, easy breezy fun time. Doesn’t exist for teachers and/or moms.

The teacher in me is stressing about these last few math lessons I need to teach before I give this assessment that I need to give before spring break. Not enough days of the week or hours in the days. As for the mommy side of things. Baby let me tell you…first of all my daughter’s dad is taking her to Wisconsin Dells next week. Oh how nice, you may be thinking. I would think the same thing, but think of it now in a custodial parent point of view. Clearer scope thoughts: Oh joy, what list of things do I need to have ready in order to prepare her for this trip. Well first off I need to get her hair done for the water park. If you’re confused, I understand your confusion. You’re thinking who gets their hair done to go to a water park? The answer is quite obvious if you think about it. The next time you go to a water park, look around for the black women and their daughters. There are a few of us who would dare go to a water park without some type of braids or protective hair do. But for the vast majority of us we get our hair done. Braids, twists, curly weaves, are a black girl water park trip must. PSA: Water is not our friends. At least in terms of what it does for our hair. I could do a whole other blog on black women, our hair, and water…but no time for that tonight. Maybe another day.

Anywho, my birthday weekend I will be taking my daughter to get her hair done, get new swimsuit, go to SAT tutoring. I think I get Sunday off from mommying, but make up for it on Monday. Monday I need to take her to her new Primary Care Physician which is 15 minutes from my house then drive her all the way to Chicago which is about an hour from my house to see her neurologist. This part is all her dad’s fault, changing insurance blah blah blah. Then finally I think I’m done. Then she will go with her dad and I get 5 days of mommy freedom!

I began writing this to half-heartedly complain about my life. But as I read through each complaint all I see are blessings. Getting through the math lesson: at least I have a job and a goal to work towards. Taking my daughter to get hair done: I have a daughter who is beautiful and a beautician who is magical. LOL. Preparing her for her trip: I have a daughter who has a great relationship with her dad. Trip to 2 doctors: I have a healthy daughter whose health and future was questionable for a point in time some years ago. Quiet time alone: I get the best of both worlds, I get to be a mom, but also get breaks most moms never get.

Perspective my friends…pure perspective 😉


4 thoughts on “Easy Breezy Free Time”

  1. That’s what writing sometimes does for me, too, Savena. Shifts my whole perspective. Sometimes I say I write to figure out what I really think.

    Again, your voice is so strong, especially in the part about getting your daughter’s done. Your sense of humor shows up so clearly in your writing.

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