The White Flag

Good evening fellow slicers!

I got beat, conquered, defeated…by the children. The only reason I am still standing after today is the mere fact that in a few days I will get to partake in a much needed respite. By around 2:00 today, I was waving the white flag of surrender. I could no longer correct, redirect, investigate, debate, negotiate any longer. I was done. I was stick a fork in me D-O-N-E done! I had nothing left to give. For the last 45 minutes of my day we watched a movie and silently read-done. All I wanted was for everyone to be quiet and not touch anyone-done.

However, we are never really done. 2:55 dismissal. 3:00 confer with the t.a. in my class and the reading teacher about a student. Write out an extensive parent email going over the details of their little darlings award winning day. Get my materials out and ready for the next day. Meet with a parent who was not able to make it for the two scheduled conference days . Then I get to head home.

However, we never really head straight home. Knowing I need to make it to the poll in time to vote before it closes. Do I go all the way home ( in the cornfields of Joliet, IL) or do I stop by the store to get food for dinner? Luckily, the polls didn’t close until 7pm, which gave me time to get dinner before heading to the voting location by my house. Stopped at Chipotle to get dinner (Yay ). Then finally headed to the polling place, fingers crossed for a good friend running for a major office (total underdog btw), but I would’ve been heartbroken to have missed the chance to vote for them.

In the midst of all that after school hustle and bustle,on my drive home, I got hit. I got hit with the voice in my head. The one that tells you to get over yourself. The voice that says, “It is not about YOU”. I have a student in trouble. He acts out, he’s always sleepy, he’s increasingly angry, he’s falling behind academically. Ugh! I missed it!

I will try to be less done tomorrow.

4 thoughts on “The White Flag”

  1. I had one of those “done” days with my seventh grade reading class today. I need to adopt your positive attitude toward working with some of the tough ones!


  2. I totally agree with jcareyreads comment above. Your voice is so strong. I loved reading this. And totally had one of those done days myself. Actually many this year. I have a tough class but I love them!


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