Crunch Time

Good Evening Fellow Slicers!

I am trying to get my blog done after my Wednesday night class. I did not have time to complete it before class because I only had time to go to the store and then cook dinner. My child keeps talking to me because we have yet to have our after school chat time. We typically talk about our day over dinner, but today I had to eat during my online face to face class (classy huh). Anyways, I am multi tasking. Typing as I listen to this girl talk about “heaven knows what”. Actually, a very major event happened at her school today. Someone pulled the lock down alarm at her school and that caused much chaos in her school. She was in econ class when it happened. Apparently, the entire staff were at a loss, because they knew that there was no scheduled lock down drill for today. She described how stressed out and anxious her teacher was. He had them stack desks by the class door and other students were given random objects to use as weapons, while they waited to figure out if they were really in danger. The police entered her building armed and ready for anything. The students sat in complete darkness while the teacher went back and forth between manning the class door with a flag in hand ( as a weapon I guess), and anxiously checking his email for information. They all waited like this in their classroom for about 30 minutes until the administration realized that someone pulled the alarm and most importantly there was no danger to the campus. I received a connect ed phone call from the building principal explaining about the mishap and reassuring parents their children are safe and that the student who pulled the alarm will be disciplined.

So I have completed my blog and heard for the 3rd time maybe 4th time how crazy her day was with this lock down situation…My dear sweet innocent daughter. She has not an idea of how the events of today could’ve yielded a completely different outcome. She has not an idea of how every staff in that building has probably aged a good decade, because they were fully aware of how out of the ordinary today’s alarm was. They were wondering exactly how much of a hero they’d be called to be today. How much of that lock down training they’d be putting to use today.

My dear sweet daughter…she has no clue. I’m not sure how I feel about that.

4 thoughts on “Crunch Time”

  1. Bless you both for your day. I am grateful that the alarm was “false”. The anxious feelings come through your words. I hope for your daughter’s sake that she can remain clueless for just a bit longer. The loss of innocence in this world might be the saddest thing of all.


  2. The adrenaline of thinking about the possibility of what might have happened clouds all other thoughts. I think of how all of you must feel, her teacher, you, and then your daughter. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately , the kids view these drills as common place. Maybe it’s good.


  3. Your last paragraph was AMAZING. You pulled in all her innocence and self centered. You spoke the truth about all students. Although she is 16 and we want them to think and act older, we have to remind ourselves that they are kids…until who knows when 🙂 Thank you for sharing.


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