Good Evening Fellow Slicers!

I am sitting here writing my blog under the watchful eye of my tired, happy teenager. We have just come home from getting her vacation hair-do did. She refuses to give me a moment of peace because “I haven’t seen you all day”. She’s asking me random questions and sincerely expecting me to respond. The mommy in me is responding and typing simultaneously. I’m not too good at multi tasking so I’m either doing one or both of these activities with only half of my attention. To add to my multi tasking, the news caster is forecasting snow storms for tomorrow morning. What a wonderful way to start spring break 😦  My sad face is just a pretend pouty face. I am so happy to start spring break. Looking forward to regrouping and recharging. A lot has happened in this wacky month of March and I’m ready to wrap it up!

My teeny bopper just declared “I only like March because of your birthday”. I’ll take that.

Until tomorrow my friends.

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  1. And the later the hour, the more exhausting the multi-tasking…harder to hold even one though steady. At least no snow is expected here. I better not speak too soon though, it’s drizzly and NE Colorado does get spring snows).


  2. What a great thing that your teenager still says, “I haven’t seen you all day” and wants to hang out with you. Enjoy your break!


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