Day 1

Hey Fellow Slicers!

It’s Saturday! Day 1 of my spring break and it’s been pretty uneventful. I got up bright and early to get my hair done, then headed off to take the teeny bopper to tutoring. From tutoring we went to visit my niece and her 2 year old son…The Noahhhhhhh! One of my most favorite toddlers on this earth. We played, we danced, and we laughed. I love this age because he’s like a little parakeet and repeats everything you say. That can be a little embarrassing for mom and dad when he repeats a cuss word but still funny to me 🙂 I find it amazing that toddler boys have a knack for always coming super duper close to cracking their heads on…well everything! They jump and climb on things that no one even realized one could jump or climb on. They reach for things that could fall on their face and cause serious damage to their little bodies. When they’re not jumping, climbing, or reaching they are running. They are running with no caution, no sense of “I will be stopping soon”, just running. The best thing about toddler boys, in particular, Mr. Noah, is that every now and then he wills slow down and allow you to get a big cuddly hug. Sometimes that ceaseless running ends up being a run right into your arms. There’s something soooooo special about the feel of little baby arms around your neck. It’s as sweet as the first day of spring break.

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