Plans and Perspective

Good evening fellow slicers!

Day 2 of spring break and it’s not looking how any of us planned. The trip my daughter was looking forward to since back in December has been canceled. She was supposed to be heading to her dad’s tomorrow and they were going to go to Wisconsin Dells for the next few days. Well dad has ended up in the hospital with an outrageously high blood pressure and is very fortunate to not have suffered a stroke. So the good news is he should be okay, the bad news is no Wisconsin Dells trip. I told Morgan that it’s okay to be disappointed, however rejoice in the fact that the worst part of her spring break is that she didn’t get the vacation she was looking forward to. So instead of bumming around the house and visiting with friends and doing whatever else we do on “mommy free time”, I will be entertaining my sweet little teeny bopper. For those of you who are parents or even teachers of teenagers know that the word sweet in relation to teenagers is probably a tad bit of sarcasm. Although neither one of us is getting the spring break we planned for, we are so fortunate to not be having the spring break that we could. So day 3 of spring break itinerary, take Morgan to see her dad in the hospital, go to our favorite sushi restaurant for lunch, get our nails done. That’s the plan… we shall see.

5 thoughts on “Plans and Perspective”

  1. I’m sorry your break isn’t gonna g as planned … but your perspective here is amazing. What a lesson to share with your daughter. I hope her dad is feeling better soon.


  2. Glad to hear her dad is going to be OK. You have exactly the right attitude — roll with it, no matter what. I hope you and your daughter have a better spring break than either of you imagined! Sushi and nails is a great start!

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  3. Oh, Savena, what a change in plans! I’m so glad to hear that her dad is okay. I love your attitude in this piece – the way you are choosing to roll with it and be grateful.

    I hope Spring Break is still relaxing, fun, and rewarding… even if it’s not what you had planned.

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