Hello Fellow Slicers!

We are moving right along with our spring break. Today we didn’t do the mani/pedi but we did do our sushi dinners. Actually got to hang out with another mother daughter duo, one of my oldest friends and her daughter. The girls are literally two months apart in age and have been close friends (cousins) since they were in the womb. I didn’t really grow up with family friends or cousins, none that were my age, actually none at all. So it’s pretty cool to watch my daughter grow up with a young lady whom she is super close with. They are not the kids who talk on the phone all the time. They don’t attend the same school, and my daughter actually can’t stand her play cousin’s friends from school. What they do have is a mutual love and respect for each other. It’s not based on liking all the same things or being the same type of girl. They both like to look pretty and are “girly girls” . But my Morgan is way more introverted and her cousin Victoria is a social butterfly. I guess that works in that they complement each other. I’ve enjoyed watching them grow up over the years together. They used to play Barbies together for hours and have sleepovers all the time. I used to be concerned that as teenagers they will grow apart because of different interests and personalities. But they seem to have the same type of relationship as when they were little. They just get each other. They get upset with each other, but somehow they resolve. If only adult women can foster the type of friendships where you get mad at each other then get over it. Where your friend’s interests are different from yours and it’s okay. Yeah…they are two pretty cool young ladies 🙂

3 thoughts on “BFF’s”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful relationship that is going to withstand whatever the future brings. I think it has something to do with becoming close as children that sets such a strong foundation.


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