Borrowed Time

Got some sad news last night, my sisters ex, who’s been battling cancer and recently had a stroke, was given 2 months to live. When I think about this I wonder what exactly does that mean. Like today is March 29th so does that mean on May 29th that’s it. Could it be the week of the 29th or is there a 1-2 week margin of error. What if you go these 2 months worried about “is today the day that I die” , but then live another 2 years and finally die from being so stressed about dying in 2 months. I am not trying to make light of his diagnosis and the prognosis of his destiny. I’m just shedding light on the fact that we never really know when that time will be. My step mom was told over 20 years ago that she had 2 years to live due to congestive heart failure and that was 20 years ago. She’s had some close calls but she’s alive and kicking. Not alive like old lady using a walker and hearing aid alive. This woman gets her hair done, wears her earrings and red lipstick and saunters into a room like her name is Tyra Banks. On the flip side, I’ve seen young vibrant teenagers lose their lives in a flash from car accidents, suicide, overdose. Who know when that time will come. I hate that doctors have the audacity to even think they have that ability. I know it’s a science and many times they are accurate, but sometimes a little information is too much knowledge. I guess it depends on if knowing that you have 2 months to live you do some last minute things. Perhaps apologize to the people you have wronged, take a trip you’ve always wanted to take, skinny dip in a pond just to know you’ve lived on the edge, or make sure you tell all your loved ones how much you truly love them. At the end of the day no one really knows when that day will be. I hope he is able to make the most of his remaining days in this world whether it be 2 months, 2 years, or 2 decades. I will be praying  for this man who has given me 3 of some of my most favorite people in the history of the world. My nephews Jake and Josh, and my niece Alyssa.

4 thoughts on “Borrowed Time”

  1. There’s a country song called “Live Like You’re Dying,” or something like that. Patients often pressure doctors to give them an approximation of time left, but you’re right: we never know.


  2. So many books, movies, and songs have been written about that query, what would we do if we knew our time was limited. All our time is limited, it’s just a question of what the limit is.


  3. This is such sad news. I am sending positive thoughts to your family. Like you said, I hope he is able to make the most of the next few months (hopefully a lot more), especially for your nephews and your niece.


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