Told Ya So

Today was a good day. Went out to breakfast with my daughter, we caught up with all the fun she had at her dad’s house. Even though she did not get to go to the water park as planned, they were able to go to a cool indoor amusement park that she really enjoyed. I actually took her to get her nail’s done today instead of earlier this week as originally planned. It’s always wonderful to experience as a mom when someone else illustrates point you’ve been trying to make with your children. Points that go on deaf ears because they feel that with the decade and a half they’ve been on this Earth that they somehow know more than you. So anyways my daughter has been complaining about how tough Junior year is and has been begging me to home school. She thinks homeschooling will be the key to relieving her stress and be much easier than regular school. Well the young lady doing her nails talked about how she did homeschooling her last 2 years of high school. She said how much of a mistake it was and how difficult it was because she had no structure and hardly any instruction. So basically she was teaching herself and still ended up needing a tutor as if she were in traditional high school. She talked about how she stayed up late and slept all day and was lonely because all of her friends were at school. She didn’t go to prom and when she graduated there was no ceremony or celebration, just a piece of paper in the mail. This young lady pretty much told Morgan everything I’ve been telling her all this time. Sure everyone’s experience is different and blah blah blah…at the end of the day,  I got to tell my kid “I told ya so”. Today was a good day 🙂

5 thoughts on “Told Ya So”

  1. It’s something, how people who are closest to us and know us best, can’t possibly have answers to our problems. Why do we do this? You might say it’s a teenager thing, but I have some teachers in the same boat. They need national speakers to tell them exactly what I’ve been saying for two years! Your slice just got me to thinking. Thanks.


  2. Oh yes, teenagers are so much smarter than their parents. Amazing. It was really great luck for you that another adult was able to tell your daughter something you’ve been trying to tell her and that she might actually listen. Whatever it takes!


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