Adieu For Now

So it is the final day of the Slice of Life Challenge. I’m proud that I’ve actually completed the challenge. There were a few misses here and there, but I’m proud nonetheless. The best thing about this challenge was the wonderful and thoughtful feedback I got from fellow slicers. I feel bad that I haven’t been able to respond to everyone but please know I appreciate all of your feedback and support.

This was a great experience and it came right on time. I don’t think my last 30 days have been typical, lots of loss and tragedy, and fear. It feels like I’ve had more than the norm. So writing about these feelings have helped me get it all out in a healthy manner. I actually read through a few of my old posts the other day, and some of the writings still evoke an emotional reaction from me. My most memorable account is the Saturday after the Central Michigan murders. That had to be the toughest day of the month for me. I remember clearly getting excited about the upcoming spring because of the way the sun was shining that morning, only to feel a pang of guilt for feeling so happy and for having a future to anticipate. I really do release my fears and doubts onto this blog so that it doesn’t consume me. My daughter told me that the only good thing about the month of March is my birthday. Last year a good friend of her’s died in a car crash, another schoolmate committed suicide two weeks after that, this year her close friend lost both parents in a shooting done by the friends brother, her dad almost had a stroke, and her uncle had a stroke and given a prognosis of 2 weeks to live. With that being said, I hold on to my faith and release my worries into this blog. I’m naturally hopeful, happy, and positive. This blog has helped me feed that innate part of my being by releasing all the woe’s that could potentially weigh me down and drain the better part of me.

Thank you fellow slicers for being that listening ear, my confidants, my cheerleaders. I bid you adieu for now…

4 thoughts on “Adieu For Now”

  1. Yes what a crazy month for you. I’m glad you made it to through to April where the sun will surely be shining more each day. I have loved reading all of your slices this month!


  2. Wow! Yes, you’ve been through a year in this month. I hope that if it is serving you, you continue to write! I’ve been glad for this outlet on days too.


  3. Thank you for sharing with us. I do think sometimes writing gives feelings a place to live. I got up this morning and still want d to write, still composed in my head, still opened up my feed to read and soak some inspiration, to be in community. Keep writing. I’ll be reading.


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