Sometimes you have to just try something in order to be in the game. You can’t just give up, throw the towel in. Everyday can’t be a winner, but it was a day nonetheless. Today for me wasn’t a winner day…but it most certainly wasn’t a loser day either. It was just the type of day where you wake up exhausted, shake off the fatigue and keep it moving. My good friend, who just moved out of town, came home for a visit. Her mom is in the hospital, just had a mastectomy earlier today, and is now in recovery. She put out a text on our friend group chat that she was looking to meet up for drinks. Most of my friends aren’t able to do too many impromptu outings with kids in various activities and hectic work schedules. But I was free, exhausted, but free. So I met up with her for a “my mom’s post op and my husband’s job moved me to east of nowhere and I need friend time right now drink”. So I’m finally home and got in the bed and realized, oh crap! I forgot to blog. I contemplated just going to sleep and double blogging tomorrow. But then I though…nope…not gonna do it! I signed up for a Blog A Day Challenge and dang gummit I’m gonna do it. So needless to say, it’s not one of my most profound writings. My eyes are crossed as I type and doze simultaneously…

So today wasn’t a winner blog post…but it ain’t a loser either. It’s just the type of blog where I got up out of my warm bed into the cold, walked downstairs to get my laptop, brought it back upstairs back to my bed, so I could complete my post. Mission accomplished…good night.


Good evening fellow Slicers!

I’m feeling a little more formal right now. I’m still at work, will be here until 8:00 because of parent/teacher conferences. I’m glad to meet with my parents and give them an update on their student’s progress. It feels good to reassure parents that their children will be okay. It also feels good to be able to help and encourage the parents whose children are not okay (but will be with assistance). I feel like a big component of getting parents on board to whatever regimen or intervention you’re hoping to put their children on is to be sure they do not feel judged. Every parent wants their child to be successful. Every parent wants their child to be successful. Their desire for their child to be successful may look different, may even appear non existent, but it is there. Some parents avoid their kids school like the plague. They are intimidated by school, teachers, administrators. They feel like they’ve failed because their kids are failing or misbehaving. They may also feel like the school is trying to label their child which feels like yet another judgement or stigma against them and their family.  Every parent wants their child to be successful; we have to understand that as educators, lead with that as a reminder that we are the liaisons between parents and a system that they don’t always trust. Every parent wants their child to be successful. Now whether they let us help them to achieve success…that’s the million dollar question!


Good Evening Slicers!

On top of being a 5th grade teacher, A rookie slicer, I’ve also signed up to take a course on how to be a Certified Positive Educator. The class started tonight from 7 to 9. So I came home, cooked dinner (ordered pizza), chatted with my daughter about her day, then off to class I went. It was pretty cool, except for the fact that it went over by 12 minutes. I feel like this class will help me shift my thinking. Although I am actually a naturally positive person, I feel like lately, the negative has weighed me down more than the positive. That’s a huge shift for me, and I wasn’t digging that so much. So, me being the proactive, glass is half full, let’s solve this problem type of gal, have been actively looking for ways to fight these negative emotions. As with all things, you just can’t take anything for granted. I took my positive demeanor for granted and I wasn’t feeding it and building into it. I took for granted the fact that I had a treasure chest full of silver and didn’t think to polish it. Sure, silver is strong, valuable, and precious, but if you don’t polish it every now and then, it will start to tarnish. I am grateful for this blog that allows me to connect with the side of me I’ve lost for many many years. I am grateful for a home where I unplug and unwind and truly feel peace and calm. Most importantly I am grateful for scoring Beyonce and Jay Z concert tickets for August 10 in Chicago!!!!!!!! Yassssssssssss!!!!!!!!

Life is wonderful Slicers…have a good night! 🙂


My goodness time! It’s either going to slow or going way too fast. When I’m laying down trying to fall asleep and finally accomplish my goal, only to hear that alarm clock  wailing in my ear. Way too fast. However, those lovely PD days, when you are in the rare position of sitting and listening, and listening, and listening to various speakers giving you tips and anecdotes on how to do your job more effectively. I’m sorry, the most engaging speaker…still…too slow. When you’re looking at your curriculum pacing calendar and trying to fit in x amount of lessons so that you can assess before spring break, because you know if you assess afterwards your class will not do as well…too fast. I just spent some time this evening with a close friend who was recently hospitalized. Very strange freak accident where she almost died from sepsis, had a wound that had gotten infected and it quickly became life threatening. Too fast. It’s funny how we all have our time lines on how quickly or slowly we feel things should be completed. When we should accomplish this goal, how long it should take for students to learn this skill, what age we should be when we make that major career accomplishment. My dad used to always sing this song, “May not come when you want Him, but He’ll be there right on time, He’s an on time God, yes he is”. Guess what Slicers…I’m getting my slice done just in time to make the 11:59 EST cut off! Woohoo!!!! 🙂 Just in time.

The Mondays

Okay so the only thing worse than having a case of the sleepy, I took Benadryl last night AND it’s daylight savings time sleepy, draggy, Mondays, is having a class of students who are sooooo not having a case of the Mondays. I was so sleepy, tired, middle age draggy and they were so hyper, loud, pre-adolescence, revved up for no good darn reason! I liken my day to the scene from the Gremlins. You know, the scene where they were at the movie theater, swinging on film reels and throwing popcorn all around. These weren’t the cute cuddly Mogwai, Gizmo type of Gremlins. No ma’am! I had the real deal, full tummy after midnight Gremlins. I had Stripe and all of his cousins, and they came to visit my classroom today. Their visit started at 8:05 a. m. and ended at 2:55 p.m. They came in at a level 10.5 and all I had was a puny level 2.3 at best (and that was after 2 cups of coffee). So what does a teacher do when she’s outnumbered, and overpowered by a group of rambunctious, over sugared, and surprisingly well rested 5th graders? Well, you stay the course of course! You proceed with your day as intended, never show weakness, don’t give in to fatigue. If you show any sign of distress, or weariness, you’re dead in the water! So being the top notch teacher I am, I faked it till I made it. Now in my mind I know this day kicked the ever loving crap out of me. I am tired, I am tired, I. Am. Tired. In my mind I was thinking, “Oh lawd this class has run amuck and I haven’t a mustard seed of energy to reign them in”.

By the time the bell rang, I was stick a fork in me D-O-N-E. But as I looked around my classroom, all was in order. Desktops were cleared off, chairs were pushed in, and desks were neatly aligned in their rows (courtesy of my desk straightener for the week). There was no sign of the tomfoolery and shenanigans that occurred throughout the day. I had survived the second coming of the Gremlins. They had me beat…but that’s just between you and me. No need to let Stripe and the cousins know that 😉

I’m super excited. We just set our clocks forward which means no more going to work and coming home in the dark. Hopefully there will be no more snowy weather. Living in Illinois you don’t even seriously believe that the snowy season is completely over until May. So I will continue to hope for warmer days ahead and maybe my positive thinking will keep the snow away.

Springtime is my favorite time of the year.  Every Easter we would each get an Easter basket full of toys, candy, a coloring book, and a kite. We didn’t really do the Easter bunny, we knew the baskets came from my parents there was no big secret there, but it was fun to get them anyway. My younger brother and I, we would go to the field across the street from our house and fly our kites. I would have some cutesy girly kite and my brother would have a super hero or transformer themed kite. It was such a fun time watching our kites slowly ascend high into the heavens. Once your kite catches a good breeze you’re good as gold. At a certain point you’re not even running with it, more like maneuvering it to maintain it’s height. Just be sure that as you’re flying you don’t grab that string the wrong way because that string burn was the worst!

I could go deep with this and say that flying a kite is symbolic of life and climbing up the ranks to achieve success and what it takes to maintain that success, blah blah blah! I was about to go there and get real fancy with metaphors and symbolism and other fancy schmancy English Lit major kinds of stuff. But the purist in me saves the glitz and glamour for the term papers of spring semesters past. What I really want to say is I miss the springtimes where we had Easter baskets with candy and coloring books and toys. I miss flying kites in the field across the street from the house. Most importantly I miss my little brother.

Sometimes you just don’t know how to classify things. When I say things I mean friendships. When you’re a people loving extrovert, it takes years to realize that friendships are set in hierarchies. Those rankings can be based on when you met them, grade school, high school, college, work, through spouse. They can also be ranked and/or based by some shared experience, wives, moms, survivors. I guess I’m just wondering, of all these groups what makes a friendship authentic and real. Some people say that you only have maybe 2-3 real friends. If I had to think about who my 3 friends are I could name them easily, on the spot. But outside of these 3 friends, I have quite a few others who I truly care for and I think they care for me. We have common interests and good conversations, and shared experiences. These are people I truly enjoy being around. But in the era of text messages and silent parties and social media, how does this generation coming up make friendships. I guarantee that if  you to go into any room filled with teenagers, you’ll find a group of kids not engaging with each other. They’re all on phones looking at Snapchat or Instagram or some other app that requires them to have their eyes glued on their phones. How do they make those connections that allows them to develop friendships and nurture them over a matter of time. I don’t know, just my random thoughts or rather questions on friendships and what that looks like for this tech reliant generation. I guess time will tell on what personal connections and friendships will look like for the future of this generation of youth.